Infrastructure & Utilities

Electric Utilities

Texas New Mexico Power Company (TNMP) is a transmission and distribution service provider that delivers power to approximately 230,000 homes and businesses in Texas. Over half of those customers are located along the Texas Gulf Coast in both Brazoria and Galveston Counties.

Texas New Mexico Power has a local office located in the City of Texas City and can be contacted at 888-866-7456 or at the TNMP website.

Water & Wastewater Utilities

The City of Texas City distributes over 2.2 billion gallons of water annually and provides treatment for 2 billion gallons of wastewater per year. The city maintains a wastewater treatment facility on the east end. In addition, the city utility staff maintains approximately 260 miles of distribution lines and 240 miles of collection lines.

Industrial Water

Gulf Coast Water Authority (GCWA) supplies raw water to industrial partners in Texas City, through the use of a pump station and a pipeline near the end of the Galveston Canal System. The industrial pump station pumps water from the canal to Texas City by the way of a 42" and 36" pipeline to customers in the industrial complex within a three-mile radius.

Industrial Wastewater

Gulf Coast Authority (GCA) owns and operates the 40-Acre Facility, which began operations in 1974. The facility currently provides wastewater treatment for two chemical plants and a terminal operation in Texas City.GCA's facility has the capacity to treat 15.7 million gallons per day. The 40 acre facility also treats storm-water and carriage water, which receives sludge from the wastewater treatment facility.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Service within the City of Texas City is provided by CenterPoint Energy. CenterPoint's natural gas prices are among the lowest in the nation, further extending Texas' reputation of low cost to conduct business.

Visit the CenterPoint Energy website for more information.