Texas City Film Permit Application

Film Permit Application

  1. Texas City Film Permit Application

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  3. A certificate of liability insurance is required prior to filming.  The minimum limits: $2Million General Aggregate / $1Million Each Occurrence.  The following entity must be named as additional insured: 

    City of Texas City 

    1801 9th Avenue N. Texas City, Texas 77590

    If you have already completed this step, please upload a copy of the declaration page showing this entity listed. 

  4. For the use of pyrotechnics and squibs, a fire permit must be filed with the Fire Marshall's Office.  Additional special effects and chemical use may also require this.

     List use of pyrotechnics, firearms, and special effects. 

  5. If your shoot requires traffic control, or pedestrian control on a public right-of-way, you will need to attach a site plan below.  This may or may not require you to hire police officers on site during the duration of the shoot.  

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